Recover session Windows 7

Windows XP makes it easy to retrieve a forgotten password. The administrator, native in safe mode session, allowed out of quite a lot of bad steps. With Windows 7 or Vista is not the same music because the administrator session is not enabled by default, and only few people know that it exists.

To follow this tutorial you first burned a CD of Ubuntu (LiveCD). It's easy and it's free. Please refer to this page: How to troubleshoot Windows with a Live CD.

So you are there:

Mot de passe perdu.

In fact we are going to do something very simple: since the main entrance is closed, we will pass by behind.

Create a session super administrator

  • Put the Ubuntu CD in your drive and set the bios boot to boot.
  • Go to the 'Windows' of Windows 7 folder, then in the "System32" folder.
  • In the search field type "Utilman.exe" and click on the magnifying glass to the right.
  • Right click on "Utilman" then rename it to "Utilman.old".

In fact we are changing the present path of a shortcut on the login interface (normally "Utilman.exe" serves to improve ergonomics options, it is used primarily to poorly sighted or disabled, but not that... Finally we'll see Utilman function again), to point to the command prompt. Once "cmd.exe" available it is, almost, what one wants.

So you renamed "Utilman.exe" in "Utilman.old", which looks like this:


Now let's also rename "cmd.exe" in order to exploit it.

  • Always in "System32" do a search by typing cmd.exe

Here it is:

  • Rename utilman.exe. You begin to understand the trick.
cmd renommé.

There are more that to restart, what will follow is child's play

  • Reboot click the utilman.exeicon, bottom left.
Icône de Utilman.exe.

And it is the command prompt that opens, just now to activate the Windows 7 Super Administrator .

Invite de commande

Type following:
NET user administrator / active: yes
Observe the spaces and if you do not fool you a validation message is displayed. Restart Windows and reboot a new session, without password, is available to you. There is more than just to open it.

Session administrateur

Okay, well, you know the suite:

  • Control Panel.
  • Accounts and user protection.
  • User accounts.
  • Manage another account.
Comptes utilisateurs
  • Click the account that you forgot the password.
  • You have the choice between "Delete password" or "Change password".
  • Validate and log off the Super Administrator.
Supprimer mot de passe

Now that your session is accessible, need to restart on the Ubuntu CD and rename Utilman.exe in cmd.exe, and then Utilman.old in Utilman.exe.
As for the Super Administrator session you can keep it or delete it. I advise you to keep (in the case of bug) but use it only to repair Windows. Does surf especially not with because this session is absolutely insecure. If you still want to delete it, it again to open the command (from your session) prompt and type:
NET user administrator / active: No.

And Verma... voilà.

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