How to install Windows XP on Vista Pinball.

How to install Windows XP on Vista Pinball.

You've probably noticed, but Windows Vista does not the Pinball for Windows XP.
Addressing the problem to go on a workstation equipped with Windows XP.
(1) Browse to "C:\Program Files\Windows NT' on your Windows XP.
(2) There will be a folder named "Pinball". Copy that folder to a USB flash drive, a CD, finally to support any.
(3) Then paste the folder 'Pinball' in 'C:\Programmes\Windows NT' in Windows Vista.
(4) Create a "C:\Programmes\Windows NT\Pinball\Pinball.exe" shortcut on your desktop for example. Alternatively, you can paste this shortcut into the folder 'games' of Vista. Caution, do not copy and paste of an Pinball.exe on your desktop, it will not work. Right click on the .exe and select "send to :ss) desktop (create shortcut) ""
Ah yes, but I don't have Windows XP me, how I do then?. :-x)
In this case download the Pinball here. :o

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