Reset (reset) Firefox

After making the changes in Firefoxpreferences, it began to reload all the images in the pages of the sites on which I was browsing each page change, which had resulted in a significant slowing of the navigation.
The uninstall/reinstall of Firefox gave me Firefox the same. So I searched how to reset settings Mozilla Firefox.
Here is the procedure:

Start Firefox in safe mode

  • Under Windows XP
    • Click on start / run
    • Enter the following command:
      firefox -safe-mode
  • Under Windows Vista/Windows 7
    • Click on Start / field 'Search'
    • Enter the following command:
      firefox.exe -safe-mode
  • Linux
    • Open the Terminal
    • Enter the following command:
      /path/to/firefox/firefox -safe-mode
  • MacOS
    • Open the terminal, which is located in the Utilities folder , which is located in "Applications"
    • Enter the following command:
      /Applications/ -safe-mode

Reset the default Firefox preferences

  • In the interface that opens, choose "reset preferences to default Firefox"     
  • Click "Make changes and restart"

Now you have a very nice Firefox, as originally!

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