You post some of your photos in shows, on the Internet, in your blog or in forums for example. You definitely want to mark them with your claw to protect against copying and indicate that you are the author, but also to attract the public to your other creations. The TSR Watermark Image free software will allow you to embed easily text or a logoto your photos, in the form of a watermark (watermark in English).

Software managing the batch, you can mark several photos at the same time, what you will save lot of time By the way, the software can even resize your photos for publication on the Internet!

Download and install TSR Watermark Image TSR Watermark Image is a free software that you can download on PC tips.

  1. Go to sheet TSR Watermak Imageinto the software PC tips library.
  2. Click on download for free.
  3. Save the file.
  4. After the download finished, click Open.
  5. Click the extract all files button.
  6. In the wizard that appears, click extract.
  7. The Explorer then opens the folder of the archive unpacked. Double click on the WatermarkImageSetup.exe file
  8. Click run.
  9. In the wizard that opens, click Next four times.
  10. Click on Install.
  11. Finally click Finish.
Translate the software in French By default, Watermak Image is in English. You can easily translate the software in French. Even if the translation is not quite complete, this will allow you to better understand the interface.
  1. Start Watermark Image.
  2. Click on the Select language button.
  3. Click on French.
  4. The software interface is translated to French.
Select the image to be marked First, you must establish the list of images to be marked. This can be individual or all images the images in a folder.
  1. If this is not already done, start Watermak Image by double clicking on its icon on the desktop.
  2. Open the Files to Watermark tab.
  3. To manually select multiple images, click on the file button.
  4. Select the photo to be added to the list of pictures to process and click Open.
  5. To add all images in a folder to the list of images to be marked, click Executive Board.
  6. Select the folder and click OK. So that the subfolders of the folder are taken into account, check the box include subpaths.
  7. Then click on the button Select image in the Preview topic.
  8. Select one of the images you want to process. This will allow you to display a preview of the top watermark.
  9. Then click the Next button or else open the tab Watermak (s) configurationto define your watermark.
Mark an image with text You can insert the text that you want on your photos. This can be for example the name of the author of the shots, the address of a web site, etc.
  1. Select use text.
  2. In return the text to use for the watermark, type the text to use as a watermark. This can be the name of a person, a Web site, etc.
  3. The preview at the bottom of the screen gives you an idea of the result.
  4. To insert information about the photo, click on the button Insert infoand select the information to add to the watermark: this may be the date of shooting, the name of the file, etc.
  5. Use formatting options to change the font, size, or text color.
  6. To change the text size, play on the widthoption. A percentage of 100% and your watermark will occupy the entire width of the image.
  7. In the left column of the window, you can set the transparency of the text as well as its position on the image.
  8. When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Next button.
Mark an image with a logo Rather than with text, you can mark your photos with logo. Note that if the image of the logo has transparent parts, they will be kept.
  1. Select use image.
  2. Click the Choose button.
  3. Select the image to use to mark the pictures and click on Open.
  4. To change the size of the logo, play on the width option.
  5. The preview at the bottom of the screen gives you an idea of the result.
  6. In the left column of the window, you can set the transparency of the image and a color to not display (for the background of a logo for example). This color should be set directly in the logo (with a drawing program)
  7. Then choose the position of the logo on the image.
  8. When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Next button.
Save marked images You can now run the tagging your pictures. Tagged pictures will be saved in a different folder of source images. Note that you can incidentally automatically resize photos. This can be convenient if you plan to put your photos online.
  1. In the Destinationbox, click the Choose button.
  2. Select the folder to use the tagged pictures. Do not choose the same folder as the original images to not crush them. If necessary, create a new folder with the same name button. Click OK.
  3. By default, the software resizes images. You can choose the size by specifying a width. The height will be calculated accordingly in order to respect the aspect ratio of your pictures.
  4. To not resize images marked, uncheck the resize images.
  5. Finally click on the Start button.
  6. The pictures now have the watermark.

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