JDownloader is a download from Rapidshare.com and Megaupload.com links utility. This program is open source and do nothing to spoil, it is available on many platforms (the choice of the Java language has much). Before entering the heart of the matter, it should be noted that it is not imperative to have a premium account (on the download of choice site) to be able to take advantage of the software. That being said, to pull the quintessence of this program, the subscription of one such subscription will be still highly recommended. Back to JDownloader ... The offered functions are basic, yet extremely powerful. There is a list of links Rapidshare.com and Megaupload.com, you have to perform a copy and paste text to JDownloader to create a list of downloads! The application will load then recover files one by one taking into account the waiting times and bandwidth restrictions. Stronger still: in the presence of multiple files-compressed archives, JDownloader will automatically launch a full decompression at the end of download!


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