Install Windows 8 from a USB stick

Since Windows 98, the "general public" versions of Windows are marketed on an optical medium. This may be a CD (98, Me, XP) or even a DVD (Windows Vista and Windows 7). Windows 8 shall not derogate from the rule and will be also marketed in the form of a DVD.
If you have a laptop that has no optical drive, Windows 8 installation disk is unusable. To install Windows 8, you will need to go through a now universal support: the pendrive.
On computers that have a CD/DVD drive, this operation also offers a significant advantage: a USB is faster than an optical disc. By installing Windows 8 from a USB key, you could earn valuable minutes to the installation. In our case, our installation from a USB stick lasted about 15 minutes, against about 30 minutes from the original DVD.
Finally, if the Windows 8 DVD is susceptible to stains, dust, scratches, etc, this is not the case of the USB key which is much more reliable and resistant.
You will therefore understand, Windows 8 installation from a USB key is a very interesting solution. Note that you will need for this operation USB key with at least 4 GB.

Download and install the USB/DVD download tool The little Microsoft utility to create a Windows 7 installation USB stick also works for Windows 8. Just simply have Windows 8 ISO disk image.

  1. Download theWindows 7 USB/DVD download tool from Microsoft by clicking here.
  2. Run the program once you have downloaded it.
  3. In the wizard that opens, click Next.
  4. Then click on install.
  5. Once the copy files over, finally click Finish.
Create the installation USB key You must have at least 4 GB USB stick. Note that all data from the USB stick will be removed during the operation. Also, be aware that if you want to a USB key to install Windows 8 from the 8 64-bit Windows ISO, you must perform the manipulations on a Windows 64-bit.
  1. Click on the shortcut to the Windows 7 USB DVD download tool that is located on the Start menu.
  2. Click Yes.
  3. In the window that appears, click the Browse button.
  4. Select the ISO of DVD of Windows 8 file that you downloaded and click Open.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Plug your USB (warning, its content will be deleted) and click on USB device.
  7. In the list that appears, select your USB and click begin copying.
  8. Click erase USB device.
  9. Click Yes.
  10. The USB key is then formatted, made bootable, and Windows 8 installation files are copied on it.
Start the installation from the USB To install Windows 8 from your USB you must "booter" above, that is to start your computer to the USB key. To do this, you must set up the BIOS of your computer to tell it to boot first on your USB key in place of your hard disk. Most newer computers can boot on a USB key.
  1. Insert your USB flash drive into a PC outlet.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. To start, press the access key in BIOS, usually delete, sometimes F1 or F2 depending on the brand.
  4. Locate the boot sequence, boot section for example.
  5. Using the arrow keys, select your USB flash drive. It is generally indicated by its name and confirm by entry.
  6. The computer then starts on your USB key and the installation of Windows 8 is launched.
  7. You can then follow the directions in the wizard to install Windows 8 on your computer.


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