Install Windows 7 from scratch

When you install Windows 7, you have the choice between several methods. You can perform an update of your system Windows Vista. Windows 7 system files then replace those of Vista, your documents, software and settings are preserved. This is certainly the easiest solution and the less restrictive, but it has still some flaws: software and unnecessary or poorly adapted settings are preserved, are launched at startup, slow down your computer, etc.
This is why we recommend, to the extent possible, perform a complete installation from scratch.
If you are using Windows XP, the question does not arise since it is not possible to do an update to Windows 7. You have to go through a complete installation.
This operation causes the formatting and removing all data from your hard disk. A bit of preparation is therefore necessary.

  • You just bought a new hard drive? It's time to set it up and use it to install Windows 7 above.
  • You have multiple partitions on your hard disk? Copy if this is not already done all your documents to back up on a partition other than the primary partition that you can use to install Windows 7.
  • You only have one hard disk with a single partition where Windows XP or Vista is installed? You should previously backup in place, on an external hard drive, for example, all your documents : pictures, videos, emails, etc. Everything will be deleted during the installation of Windows, which is why it is essential to perform this backup. Follow the explanations of our convenient file for this: prepare his transition to Windows 7.

Boot on the Windows 7 DVD
Your documents are safe, you will now be able to install Windows 7 completely. During this operation, the contents of your hard drive will be erased. To start the installation of Windows 7, you must start (or boot) your computer of Windows 7 disk. To do this, you must change the order of the sequence of your boot to place your DVD player first. This manipulation is done in the BIOS. Please refer to your computer or your motherboard documentation for more information.

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Insert the Windows 7 disk into your drive.
  3. Start your computer. During the boot sequence, press the key to access the BIOS, usually delete, sometimes F1 or F2 depending on the brand.
  4. Locate the startup sequence, Hard Disk boot priority section in the Advanced BIOS Features or Boot section, for example.
  5. The help of the arrows of direction and keys + and -, place the DVD player at the top of the list.
  6. Save your changes by pressing the F10key. Post by Y or OK. Finally press the enter key.
  7. Your computer will start on the Windows 7 DVD. Press any button as requested you it.

Prepare for the installation

  1. After a few moments, a Windows Installer screen appears.
  2. Select your language, the time of the currency format and the type of used keyboard and click on the Next button.
  3. Click the install now button.
  4. Check I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
  5. Choose the custom (Advanced) installation type.
  6. Click on Options (Advanced) Player.
  7. If your hard drive is new, click the new button.
  8. Choose the size of the partition you will create. You can use all available disk space or even choose a reduced size (50,000 MB for example) and create a second partition in the remaining space (to store your documents for example) click apply.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Then select the partition where to install Windows 7 and click on the formatbutton. All of its contents will be erased and lost. Click OK.


  1. Select the formatted partition and click Next.


  1. Windows 7 files are then copied to your hard disk.

The first settings

  1. After a few minutes, a window prompts you to choose a user name. Choose a user name (for example, your first name). You can also choose the name that will have your computer on the network. Click Next.


  1. You can then protect your user account with a password, which is recommended. Enter your password, confirm it and enter an index to find it if you forget. Click Next.


  1. Then enter your Windows 7 product key which is located in the box the DVD, which will allow you to activate it. Click Next.
  2. Click use recommended settings to enable automatic updates and the Windows 7 firewall (to protect you from attacks on the Internet).


  1. Check and if necessary correct the time and date settings and click Next
  2. Your network is automatically detected. Specify its type, home network if you are at home.
  3. Windows 7 will start.
  4. The latest updates are automatically downloaded and installed.
  5. On the next start-up, your password is requested to open your session. If you want to automatically open your session, follow this tip.


Here is the installation finished

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