This article can help you:
Connect one or more computers to a WiFi network
•Address issues linked to it
Attention, in all cases, your Wi-Fi connection to work, you must that points 1 and 2 below are checked. This article is extremely simplified, according to multiple parameters, the functioning of your WiFi network can be very different. Feel free to ask for help on the forum networking. The modems/routers/access point called "box" (FreeBox, LiveBox, DartyBox, NeufBox, etc) are simplified: you will find the WEP or WPA key on the packing or on a sticker on the box and the name of the default access point. By using a real access point, you need to first have entered yourself this information through the configuration of the access point interface, by using a network cable before you can use the WiFi.


Foreword - What is what?
An access point: Center Point of a WiFi network. Each computer connects to an access point. It may add a WiFi card to a box to serve as a point of access. System tray: these are the small icons to the left of the Windows clock. Here is the status of the WiFi connection


Foreword - The problem of the installation CD:
According to manufacturers and your choice of installation, driver CD can you serve or not.
First possibility: if present complete software suite Installation
You use the comprehensive software suite provided by your ISP. This is the simplest case: you insert your CD, everything is already ready and Wi-Fi is set in your place. This possibility has one big drawback: it installs a suite of
software, that have little utility and decrease the performance of your computer, while you need to two maximum software! But all service providers do not provide this installation mode. Some just simply to provide you with your
hardware with a WiFi utility drivers, we are then in either case:
Second possibility: the 'manual' installation
No, it's not more complicated than let the installation CD install a complete software suite. You do not need the CD provided by the service provider, but you must obtain:
•The drivers for your adapter (see section 1)
•One utility of connection (only for versions of Windows prior to Windows XP SP1 included, see section 2)


1. The WiFi adapter has no drivers:
Simultaneously press keys Windows + Pause (break) (or right click on my computer > properties)
•For Windows 2000:
(to be completed)
•For Windows XP:
"Hardware" tab > "Device Manager", scroll down the list of network adapters. All of your network adapters must appear, including the WiFi adapter.
•For Windows Vista:
Click on "Device Manager" in the left menu make sure that your wireless adapter is present. If not, use the Add New Hardware Wizard in the control panel. Attention, the majority of newer computers have original an Ethernet
network adapter, do not confuse it with your wireless adapter.


If a yellow exclamation point appears before the name of the network adapter, double-click on it for more information. Most of the errors are:
•Erreur XX: the hardware drivers are badly installed or damaged.
In this case, go to the website of the manufacturer of your WiFi adapter to download the drivers (drivers) of it
•Erreur 10: the device cannot start.
If you do not recognize, in the list of network adapters your it or wireless network adapter has an exclamation point yellow, no need to continue reading this article, the problem lies here.
2. The WiFi connection utility is not installed or is misconfigured
On Windows XP Service pack 2 and Windows Vista, a connection management utility is already installed, and no additional software needs to be added. You use the Windows utility, but you can also use another utility.
Use the Windows utility
You will find:
•For Windows Vista: in Control Panel > network and sharing Center > manage network connections (in the right menu) > right click on "Wireless network connection" > connect/disconnect
•For Windows XP SP2: in the control panel > network connections > 'Wireless network connection' > toggle
By clicking on the system you use above, you have access to a detailed article to help you connect to a gateway with Windows utility.
Using the utility of the constructor for the WiFi adapter
You can use the utility provided by the manufacturer. Often, he moved at the same time as the drivers, but this is not always the case. You can check its installation or start it, either in the system tray by the appearance of a new icon,
or in the menu start > all programs (look here for the brand of the wireless adapter, then the connection utility)
Regardless of the utility that I use, how to use it?
This utility will allow you to associate your wireless adapter with your modem or access point, without which your computer would not know whether to use your modem, or your neighbor. In the screenshots, we use the utility of
Windows Vista.
•Open your utility connection, if necessary select the automatic search of networks, you will probably find one or more access points available your (and those detected in the vicinity).
•Select access point (look on the modem if the default name is, otherwise it can be a name, for example: Free application by phone to subscribers what name to give to the access point).
If your access point is not in the list, either it is too far away from the computer, turned off the WiFi access point either its dissemination is prohibited (the name is ' hidden', which is never the case when the modem or access point


Here, we have three, note that we are already connected access named "N3uf_t3l3com" point, the network must be already functional. If you are not connected to your access point, click on it and click "Connect". If the access point is protected with a WEP or WPA key, enter it in the fields provided for this purpose. You will find this key on the packaging or on the box. If a key type you are asked and no 'automatic' mode is present, try the following configuration: WPA, hex key, 128 bit. If not, ask for help on the forum. If you specify the network that is used, select the 'Infrastructure' type. Only once you have verified that the utility has well connected your adapter wireless access point, continue if you still have problems.

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