Laptops have advanced functions for the management of energy saving. One of them, allows to activate or stop power to the built-in Wifi. Here is a list of the portable main with the method to enable Wifi.
•Aspire 16xx: button front symbolizing a parable.
•Aspire 3005: below the keyboard, at the edge of the façade, right button.
•Aspire 5612: slide on / off on the front panel.
•Aspire 9302: button on the left side of the laptop, surrounded by blue.
•Aspire 94xx: button under num lock
Combination of the FN key and the F2 key (if the key F2 has the symbol of an antenna or a parable).
Combination of the FN key and the F2 key (if the F2 key has the symbol of an antenna or a parable) or slider with three positions (caution, according to the BIOS settings, this switch can also order the Bluetooth network): – 0 (off) - 1 (on) - > > (research and connection of access points)
Extensive button above the keyboard. To do a long press to activate it.
Fujitsu Siemens
•Full front, on the right, including the 'Wireless' indication.
•Serie Amilo: Fn + F2 to enable and disable wifi. Above the keyboard, next to the ' i' button to open a browser: button symbolized by an antenna on the right.
•AMILO Xi1546: button a zipper on the front of the laptop.
•Serie 'non-Amilo': button Off / ON Wireless below the touchpad
•Movies 16100: FN + F1
•T43: Fn + F5
HP Pavilion
•Serie DV: above the keyboard, at the centre, with a symbolized antenna button.
•Serie ZD: above "num lock", button with symbolized antenna.
•HP Pavillion 9212EA (Vista): button wireless front, on the left.
FN + F1 or FN + F2 or FN + F11 depending on the model.
Symbolized by antenna, near the power button.
Packard Bell
•EasyNote W7730: button front, on the left, symbolizing an antenna.
•EasyNote B3600: FN + F1 with an antenna symbolized on F1.
•X54: button symbolized by an antenna near the power or FN + F2
Blue button in the middle of the keyboard.
Sony Vaio
Zipper on the front marked WLAN.
•A100-078: a slide on the slice of right & FN + F8
•M40 & M70: front, button on / off symbolized by an antenna.
•M60-181 & R200: on the right side button on / off
•QOSMIO: on the left side button on / off
•R200: button ON / OFF on the right flank near the screen.
•P200: button ON / OFF on the front, on the left.


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