Can permanently delete a Facebook account
I searched a sacred piece of time to delete my FaceBook account and a tutorial let me know how. Then, I pass here
How to make because to find the path is duraille.
1 / Connect to your Facebook.
2 / Click on account, and then click Help
3 / In the field of research help, enter delete account and click on the search button.
4 / Click on the link I want to delete my account on a final basis.
5 / Click here at the bottom right of the text that is displayed.
6 / Click on the Send button to validate the deletion.
7 / Enter your password then the text of the security control that is displayed on the screen. Click OK.
8. A warning appears informing you that your account and your data will be permanently deleted from Facebook within 14 days. You must wait 14 days without connecting to Facebook. If you connect to Facebook before 14 days, will cancel the deletion of your account.

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