Clean dust off his computer


Yes! You might say that your wife or your wife's household, or you even, take care of the cleaning of your computer outside, from a simple look of cloth in dust, but then, I want to talk about removing dust from the inside of your PC computer, or better, your CPU, or even can be your laptop and why not, your keyboard and mouse while we're at itbecause it is not necessarily unique to the Interior. Over time, you don't see it but dust accumulates. Too much dirt can even cause problems! lots of problems! worst you can imagine of course there is nothing if you purchased your computer recently, it is still too clean. It should at least do so every six months, large minimum once per year, this type of operation does not occur at the same rate as "virtual" cleaning of your hard drive
Cleaning, it's expensive! Very expensive! Finally when you fall down! You will need several tools which the overall price is still a few hundred of€ uros. Available in most stores maintenance or large surfaces, it will remain to you more than to buy. Ben what! Where are you? Leave home! Ah yes I'm joking of course, what we'll do is free! Finally almost! Of simple tools and a bit of elbow grease will amply suffice. First, cock you cloths, brushes, vacuum, air waste fittings, air compressor, a mask, apron, a bit of courage, for some, of great courage for others and begin by take up your sleeves


Need you a brush relatively large (not a small, nor too big, say between the 2) or even a small brush. You will also need a Phillips screwdriver to open the machine and clean it, and possibly a smaller if you decide to go far (some screws of the processor fan, for example, are smaller and require a small screwdriver or a laptop).


Voila, your main tools are there! You can start...
Of course, there are special bombs that remove the dust in a few pshiits, but in this case where you manage your costs, or better, small air compressor. Here; This is a method (almost) free, longer, I have to say, but careful.
First of all, put (essential!) off your computer, disconnect all the cables, and place it on a table for example, outside if there as long as you did not. You'll open the front of the computer. Which one? Is that we are going to remove the left, if you look at your face PC (CD-ROM drives before you), the right if you look at your PC by behind. As a general rule, the facade is fixed by two screws: unscrew them using your screwdriver, store them carefully in a corner (they are small and easy to lose), you can now remove the front!

Ouverture de la facade

A good number of plates have a small gap where to place his hand, others not, but this does not change much. Slide the plate to the rear to reveal inside your computer! Attention! the moment is solemn. Imagine you instead of an Egyptologist uncovering a mummy in a sarcophagus that it opened! Finally, in the absence of mummy, you will have before you your motherboard, your (your) (s) hard drive (s), your (your) drive (s), etc... be aware that other PC can open other

vis a l'arriére

4 screws at the back and it is the complete set of recovery who retires; for others still it is a real puzzle since they open like an accordion but, without screws, there is that well find the latches all this more or less dust cover! In addition to cleaning, you will, if you had never seen, how the inside of a computer is done. It's very interesting (Finally if it branch you, of course!)! with a clean computer.

Ordinateur ouvert Ordinateur recent ouvert

some pictures of dirty pc, even very dirty:

Ordinateur sale derrière façade sale

Ordinateur sale fond d'Ordinateur sale

So, you can begin to clean the inside! Arm you of your brush and proceed methodically, carefully and gently. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can use it all cleaner brush, same with air under pressure, but above all, without touching the components.

nettoyage au pinceau nettoyage au pinceau

nettoyage au pinceau nettoyage au pinceau

The processor fan should be well cleaned. Indeed too much dust prevents proper ventilation. really dirty CPU example:

ventilateur CPU sale ventilateur CPU sale

démontage ventilateur CPU sale

You can even, but you need a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the four screws indicated by the red arrow and clean the back and the fan support. Here is what it gives in pictures:

ventilateur CPU ventilateur CPU démonté sale

The processor fan is now posted! Wield it with delicacy, it is an essential object (imagine that the processor has more cooled down during operation!). Clean blades behind and in front (do not be surprised if it's full of dirt! you'll see a difference!)

avant nettoyage après nettoyage

You can then tackle the the fan support that protects the processor: it also, don't be surprised if it is full of dust!

avant nettoyage après nettoyage 


ventilateur CPU sale ventilateur CPU nettoyé

Voila, it's already been a big chunk of cleaned. Indeed, the processor fan and its support are part of the dirtiest objects, in general, when you clean your computer and fans itemizing your turn

ventilateur sale ventilateur sale, très sale

with a cloth or a brush-brush or a cotton swab

nettoyage avec chiffon nettoyage avec coton tige

Of course, your computer contains multiple cards: video, network, sound, etc... Start with the top to the bottom. In the end, drop all the dust on the bottom of the central unit. You will surely see a difference with your cards, green (or orange), pale at first, brilliant after a small brush!
And all the dust accumulated at the bottom of the CPU, I make what? Well you take your vacuum cleaner and carefully, using suitable pipe, you get rid of all this! Before, make sure that you have all dusted!
If it's really from the chandeliers that you have not cleaned your computer, you can also open the other façade and clean back of the motherboard (name of the large map that occupies almost all the surface of the facade) to clean
Remember that a fan ventilates less well when it is dirty, so the processor heats up more, Tower also rises in temperature resulting in no overheating of the computer which can cause problems if the temperature rises too high
(computer that switches off by itself for example)
Electrical components of a computer can generate heat. Fans inside the PC allow air flow to maintain the components to normal operating temperatures. Improper cooling may cause excessive heat, resulting in the constant fan
operation and can also damage components or limit the speed of the CPU. All these problems of high consumption and excessive heat will cause slow the operation of applications. The fan running noise may indicate that your
computer does not optimally, which can sometimes mean that an accumulation of dust blocking the ventilation slots, which can be a source of problems.
Clean the inside of your computer is not something that must be done frequently (not as much as your car!), but in any case, this is part of periodic maintenance. Open it approximately every six months, minimum every year to see its
 internal State! However, if you experience problems of overheating (for example, your computer switches off by itself) be aware that a too salty computer inside might be a cause!



portables pc

EH Yes! These critters there are also impacted by the dust, perhaps even more, since you wander them anywhere.
Laptops have cracks of ventilation at the bottom and on the sides to allow air to circulate through the body. If these slots become clogged or if the heat-generating components are covered with dust, the fan can no longer properly cool the components. Dust and dirt accumulation prevents the proper circulation of air through the cooling blades, which impede the functioning of the fan. If the ventilation slits are covered with dust, we recommend to clean the computer by removing dust from the fan and heat shield. This operation will prevent the accumulation of dust, as shown below.


ouie de ventilation sale ouie ventilateur CPU sale

An accumulation of dust can often be observed on the ventilation slots on the computer case. You can use a bottle of compressed air, as shown below in order to eliminate dust and prevent overheating. The dust removal to improve the air circulation, which improves cooling and reduces the noise of the fan.
First return the laptop to see her back, and then open the tappe

ouverture de la tappe

Once the door is open, you will have this:

vue du ventilo de CPU

You will surely see, the PC does not seem too cluttered by dust, but it's quite misleading, dust is vicious and hides. It is, indeed, stand on a radiator located behind the fan (a strategic point, because it is the only hot air exit point). He will have to remove the fan. Three small screws or more is still not hard, even the chicks can do at present.

ouverture du ventilo de CPU

Looking at the radiator as an extension of the fan in the background, you should discover a true dust cushion, it is he who is responsible for all our ills

ouie du ventilateur CPU sale

Therefore, you'll need to remove it properly. First a little address pad dust brush, then blow into the hole from the outside of the laptop to get off dust. Attention, during this operation, you may accidentally put dust everywhere (it may make sense to put you outside for blowing if you do not want everything clean after). Repeat this process (brushstroke + blow from the outside of the laptop) as many times as necessary to properly release the radiator of all dust (those that have a small compressor or bombs to dry air at hand will be able to use them for cleaning even more effective, but if you opt for these solutions, beware of well block the fan that you blow)(so that it does not turn into electric generator by turning, this could, potentially, damage the internal components of the computer):

ouie du ventilateur CPU propre

You will find that the fan has also some dust stuck on its blades.

ventilateur CPU sale

enjoy it is disassembled to remove this dust (which tends to generate noise due to turbulence that it generates). Also spend a brush stroke in the fan housing to remove this dust: this will always be ca that will not recover in the radiator as soon as the first on the laptop after cleaning.
Once this is done, you have to reassemble the fan. Do not over tighten the screws, this is useless. No effort is applied on the fan and a too strong tightening may you problems during subsequent disassembly.
Then you can close the hatch of the laptop. This calls for a 'small helping hand". The technique is to first return the ergos side left of the hatch and then fold down the hatch on the right:

fermeture de la tappe

Finally, replace the 7 or more, screw trap. Once more, do not overtighten them so that you do not block any further disassembly!
other examples of ventatilateurs CPU laptop:

ventilateur CPU sale ventilateur CPU propre

Voila, it is finished, you can reconnect your laptop and enjoy the relative silence that follows this cleaning became necessary.
I advise you to renew this operation regularly. For my part, I set to cleaning every 6 months: the heat that tend to reduce the lifetime of the components of computers, cooling is not to overlook, especially since my laptop is very busy.
Finally according to the computer model, the ventilation slots are located at different locations. You can spot these slots by searching for copper or black blades inside of the slots. It is also recommended you to blow compressed air in
 the other openings on the computer, such as the throat opening of the fan. This will maintain air circulation and prevent the accumulation of dust on the components.


soufflage dans ouie

soufflage dans ouie

This regularly and preventive cleaning will help you decrease the opportunity to damage the components and to prevent the slow performance of the computer.
A small video to complement this chore of cleaning. Even if it's an old pc, the principle is still valid:
Cleaning of a pc
Hey, if after all these explanations, you have still not understood the need of this dust and how an inner grooming complete your computer, put it in the trash, then run to the first computer store buy you a new! After all, it is in a
world of consumption, not maintenance or repairs!



Here we will hunt to the dirty creepy crawlies which may be nesting a little in every corner of a keyboard, corners you have trouble seeing since often invisible or hide. The net is full of reports on these dangerous bacteria for health
that includes as much, if not more, bacteria on the toilet seats. Main cause of infection of a keyboard: lunch at his Office, leftover food is conducive to the development of millions of bacteria. Then comes a poor personal hygiene,
such as not washing hands after going to the toilet (many agree never clean their keyboard less than once per month) see this:
Your keyboard is dirtier than toilets? Your keyboard WMV, dirtier than toilets? FLV
Finally, I won't make you a course on it but know what it can be for your keyboard


clavier très très sale clavier sale

touches clavier sale clavier sale

playing on words, hoping that yours is not as dirty:

Q sale

which necessarily resulted in this:

microbes vers bactéries

or even more over time with your Sputters

clavier fleuri clavier fleuri

Why should I regularly clean his computer?
For your health first. Indeed, keyboards are the breeding grounds the development of germs in any genre. For technical reasons. By regularly cleaning your keyboards, you will avoid a certain number of dysfunction, and you will
increase the performance and longevity of your equipment.
Very often we don't think maintenance of this old friend (it's even more than that, a confidant) that knock is tapped, we caress, we approach every day and allows us to communicate with each other: the computer keyboard. Like any
other device, it has a regular maintenance, but that only takes a few minutes. Remember that this part of your computer is that you use the most. Therefore, preserve it.
First thing to do. Return the keyboard, and then shake so that the heavier dust can escape, and the bits of chips and cakes that would be escaped from our mouth and would have lived in a small community between the keys, or under
the keys of the keyboard. Don't forget to take a deep breath and blow between the keys!
Now it strips! On white keyboard, no luck, it is on these that we see the most dirt, then take brush, cloth and your courage and rub. On black keyboard (small malignant, you had planned the coup, but this time it is the dust that is)
same punishment; cloth and intensive scrubbing!


nettoyage au conton tige nettoyage a la balayette

nettoyage à l'aspirateur nettoyage au gant

nettoyage au chiffon nettoyage à l'aspirateur

to get this:

nettoyage clavier avant et après

This last step is optional and is only poorly-maintained keyboards or having operating problems. Take a screwdriver and lift the keys one after the other to discover this:

sous les touches sous les touches

to deep cleanse. The best way to not end up with a keyboard without keys, without knowing how to back them up, is to raise a touch, clean and replace it. If not you may have a puzzle game

puzzle de touches

and or remove all the screws on the back of the keyboard

arrière clavier clavier ouvert

but then I let you do, either the keyboard will flaring after reassembly, it is good for the trash an example of keyboard out of use due to a liquid that has "ate" the conductive tape

bande conductrice HS

example image of cleaning of a white Apple usb keyboard
Now, as for your computer, you can, monthly, or even weekly, put your keyboard in the trash and buy another. As already said, we are in a world of consumption! or you can adopt this kind of keyboard: there no cleaning is necessary, if your table:

clavier laser et d'infrarouge clavier laser boule, , une souris attachée à la sphère, un rétroprojecteur…. et toute la connectique traditionnelle…




the mouse

What is it? something that looks like this:

souris moqueuse

OH! pardon this:

souris souris tranparente

Okay, I know: y' all forms and color different but all or almost are based on the same principle of operation, although at present time, the ball tends to disappear, is not for as much as there are more runners glide, except may be that move not, genus trackball or touchpad

trackball touchpad

Well Yes, this also becomes clogged to pick up all that it should not be on your table or your mouse pad. After you you surprise having to make large movements to go across your screen. First, the return on the back: not! She's not going to yell, or even die, then unscrew a quarter turn washer

dessous d'une souris

retrieve the baballe, UM the ball!

boule d'une souris

wash the ball

lavage de la boule

clean the small wheels inside the mouse, y' has two, one for the vertical and one for the horizontal

nettoyage des petites roulettes

remettez lui la boule dans son ventre en fermant la rondelle d'un quart de tour puis nettoyez les patins de glisse

nettoyage des patins de glisse

give him the ball in his belly by closing the quarter-turn washer then clean the sliding pads

nettoyage extérieur en la cajolant

If by chance you forget to keep busy you, here's what it can become

squellette de souris

Now, as for your computer and your keyboard you can put your mouse in the trash! Not even need to buy one, a sacred economy there, since you use your keyboard with arrow keys instead.

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